Need some music?

2008-09-29 10:52:28 by Elfire

if you like my stuff and want something to go with an animation, game, or anything...just tell me what you want =3 i love working on projects!
Also looking for a voice for the Phoenix down project, send me your vocals (clean and unedited) and ill mix em onto the tracks.


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2008-10-01 19:56:20

If I can get my mic to work on my computer.. I might take you up on your offer.. It would be nice to know what you specific projects you'd like vocal work for though. Message me back?


2008-10-02 17:00:24

hey dude your work is awesome!!

i am working in a very huge fbf animation (check a post in my profile) and having an exclusive music to fit with my animation would be nice...

send me a private message if you are interested


2008-10-04 17:29:57

I shared blinder PDM with alot of my friends they loved the song but it would be cool if you tryed to make a flash animation useing the blinder music like an acual boss fight, it would be awsome ....CHECK PLEASE!

Elfire responds:

only one problem, i suck at flash. well not suck but i dont have the time at the minute. it would be better to get someone good to do it i think. i would love to see blinder in a game though =]
glad you and your friends like blinder =] ive got a better one im working on right this minute but it will be released with the rest of the album later on.

thanks again