Album = 10% complete

2008-10-04 18:11:23 by Elfire

its a long way off yet but the material that ive got at the minute is at least on par with Blinder. speaking of which, the full and most epic version of Blinder will make it on the album as a bonus track =D
The reason its taking so long is because this is a HUGE project complete with website, artwork and as far as the music is concerned, anything that isnt perfect gets trashed.
I also want to say an epic thanks to everyone whos ever left me a review/feedback, without those i could never have undertaken this project.

in the mean time add my crappy myspace =D he needs more firends ine


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2008-10-04 18:21:54

good luck on the remaining 90%


2008-10-04 22:46:47

"Blinder" was flawless. It is now my favorite song in the Audio Portal. Good luck on your album.

Elfire responds:

thanks man =]


2008-10-05 09:32:50

Your new song was fucking perfect!

Elfire responds:

It still needs alot of tweaking yet! thanks for giving me the drive to improve it!


2008-10-05 18:46:26

I saw this on the Newgrounds homepage and I found my way to Blinder from there and had to stop by and tell you...that is some seriously good music man!


2008-10-09 18:34:22

You are the best i have come across yet. I hope you dont feel the need to improve. I dont even like this style of music, but u blew me away!


2008-12-24 15:08:52

Also, I may use Blinder for my game... it sounds epic enough for a final battle.