Need some audio?

2009-06-26 07:48:52 by Elfire

Musician looking for work!

Im currently looking for projects of any type to work on. if you need a sound track for an animation/game/ect please contact me. I can offer high quality sounds, real instruments and complex structures to 8-bit retro lolcore and sound FX!

Just mail me at with a brief description of what your after and ill get back to you as soon as possible.

Doing this for experience and fun so cba with timewasters >:

-Elfire out


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2009-06-26 10:08:56

yea hi me powersource and camoflash may need some audio for our upcoming action-zombie game yea the music could be action , fast and so but alsoo do some tracks with horror in

thank you + we will co-author you :D

Elfire responds:

Zombies <3


2009-06-26 10:11:27

+ email me my email is :)


2009-07-24 16:35:49

you still lookin for producers to work with man?
Pm me and we'll talk