Robot seeks vocals

2010-02-03 12:09:15 by Elfire

Looking for someone to supply vocals for some upcoming tracks.

Strict requirements include...

1: mic
2: voice

Open to all offers.

Also check out my sparkling new youtube channel

Elfire on Youtube

- Elfire


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2010-04-05 23:08:33

dude i am now the biggest fan u have and i have all of your tracks cuz they r sooo pwnage. if u can, would you pm me when u make another track plz.

Elfire responds:

Cheers dude!

yeh you will be the first =]


2010-06-24 20:49:02

Well. I have a mic, and I have a voice. At least I hope I do. I've not done much voice acting, and none at all on Newgrounds, but I could give it a shot. ^^;


Elfire responds:


Looking for either....

A) vocal samples to save me ripping them from films and thus avoid me getting sued =[


B) Tasty screamy/low/evil/shouty vocals which would make a "song" and may even turn into a project sort of thing.

got one lined up ready to go, just need something to at least fill the breakdown parts, tracks called "pull the trigger" was thinking maybe some deep and meaningful quote that would fill a 26 second slot =)


2010-06-25 15:44:07

Alright. I could definitely do A. As with B, I could do low and evil, I'm pretty sure. I could give a try at scream/shouty, but not sure how well my mic would put up with it. :p And deep and meaningful quote. I could most definitely do that. Especially if you've got a quote ready to go.


2010-09-11 17:12:12


Elfire responds:

Still looking for someone.

Show me what you can do =)


2010-09-13 16:13:41

I most definitely can do this! I have some songs on my bandcamp page that can show you some of what I can do. ( I have some narration in "Wake Up!" and I also made a RAWR 9 seconds into "BuzzBomb".


2010-09-29 10:31:27

I can supply any vocals you would want. I used to be in a few metal bands when I was in high school. If you have stuff written I can record it.


2010-10-11 18:17:12

I do vocals pretty I think, sounds similar to wumpscut if thats your game. If your curious as to how I sound please check out my song "pierced through the heart"


Elfire responds:

replied on youtube


2010-10-12 09:04:35

dude, love your music man. Keep up the b-a work


2010-10-25 15:31:11

im new to newgrounds and your music is fucking epic man cant wait to hear more your a music god


2010-10-28 11:28:02

hey bro i like ur song elfirethe best outta all of them n i recently downlaoded it 2 jam out 2. I want is as a ringtone and was wonderin if i could have permission 2 make it into a ringtone?


2010-11-11 03:27:21

I feel as though I should assist an industrial god like yourself. Count me in!


2010-11-24 13:50:04

I can do horrid sounding voices. PM me.