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To my personal bomber

Posted by Elfire - January 18th, 2011

Thank you for taking the time every day to bomb everything on my front page, ive estimated this is around 13 clicks of your time so im very flattered, and glad you think of me in your pathetic daily routine :) :) :) :)

As a result i wont be posting tracks on newgrounds anymore..........sad panda

Will be using a different site to upload new stuff from now aaannnd youtube ofc

Exciting shit!

Thanks for reading! & fuck you bomber fag

Comments (18)

lol, at least if they bothered to bomb you, you must've been good enough for them to waste their time bombing.

Come on keep post your stuff here its really good. For every evil bomber there are good bomber that rate the stuff fair.

check ur PM if ur still here.

I got nothing


wow man I really didnt want you to leave NG...but I understand something like that.

If you're leaving, then the douche has won. By leaving, he personally owns you. He angered you enough to the point where you have been influenced to actually leave the site, and that is exactly what he wanted.

Come on. Don't let some idiot ruin what talent you could display on newgrounds. Hopefully you are swayed by my words as you were by the 0-bomber.

tbh ive never liked the NG rating system, you can totally ruin someone if you wanted to. Unless NG comes up with a less draconian voting system like ONLY HAVE 1 VOTE PER IP then i cant see the point in anyone posting thier shit under CC just to get shafted.

so yes, the bombers win. But newgrounds issnt the whole internets :)

If it was one review per IP then they'd use proxies to slip past it anyways. Oh well, I voted 5 on one of your songs. (I have a 5.0 voting power) I suppose the choice is up to you, but ng is probably one of the best ways to get noticed in the indie community. TBH there is probably more honest reviewers than a handful of douches who have nothing better to do with their time than to 0 bomb them consistently.

I have heard that a site rework is in progress (as stated by Tom Fulp) so I would wait for a few more months until I pack up and head off to another site JUST yet.

Don't let some random perp ruin your day. Besides, the majority of your pieces are over the 4.0 mark anyways.

Yeh IP issnt totally foolproof but at least it acts as a deterrent to be a wanker. still got some stuff thats using vocal samples under a CC so will prolly stick that on when its finished. Thanks for the anti bomb though :)

Congratulations mate, you have won a place on wikipedia

"Elfire is a British Aggrotech artist found mainly on Youtube and Newgrounds, an art, flash, and audio portal site.[28]"

<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electro-industrial#Aggrotech">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electro-

:) keep with the good stuff

haha nice, thanks dude! :)

Just so you know, it wasn't me, and i wanna hear more, perish that bomber!

that sucks, but at least the retard is out of your face! so is it just youtube you'll be at? cause I wanna keep up with your works, i think your really great at what you do!

sorry to repost dud, but going back through your songs and reading your notes, it seems you dont have much confidence! Im not here to psycho analyse you bud, but at least whereever you head off to, remember that theres a nice following of your fans willing to back ya up! You dont suck, and best of luck! Keep it up \m/

Hey dude. You just kinda have to get over Bombing and how nobody can do shit against it.

I had one really popular song, &quot;Lance Battle&quot; and every time I submitted a new song after that I almost expected it to do just as well as &quot;Lance&quot; did. And they might have, but then some -really- dedicated fuckers went and started bombing every single one of my songs every day.

So I got all pissed and went &quot;No more Newgrounds! Fuck this system it's gay and nobody is doing shit about it. So fuck all of you!&quot;.

I tried Youtube and other places, but in the end I figured &quot;Why would I start over somewhere else when I already have a good group of people coming back to hear my stuff on the site?&quot;

Sure it sucks ass, and not quite as many people see your songs as before. But you DO have a fanbase now, and if you put something out there they will see it regardless of score.

You should at least keep posting here for their sake.

Hah, I just realized that both you and I have songs in Xionic Madness 3.

Kinda funny.

Keep posting on the site, yo. Both my friend and I think your stuff is awesome if you want two more reasons :D

NOOOOOOOO! DOOON LEAVE!!!!! UR MUSIC IS GOD!!!!!!!! and believe me that bomber just jealous of ur pure awsomness, my mp3 is filled with ur music, ur music is what gets me through my day man!!! don leave...

WHAT?!! No more Tracks?! that's as bad as propel being replaced by that propel zero s***. Your tracks are awesome man! Don't stop it all because of some buttwipe (that eats crap and drinks toilet water) who bombs everything on your front page.

Awwwww you make awsome music
but i will subscribe to you on youtube
the name is

Elfire...leaving?! My heart is breaking &lt;/3

someone removed the mention on wiki.