2011-02-17 14:40:04 by Elfire

After reciving a huuuuuge amount of support ive decided to stick around for a while :)

Thanks for all the emails and shit, totally makes my day.

Im currently working on around 3 - 5 tracks. One of them the same style as the last, and the others are alot more hard/industrial. Ill post those as soon as i find out what they are missing :)

Faaanx for reaadingggg

- E


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2011-02-18 08:16:43

=) rraaaaawwwr my pleasure


2011-02-21 16:57:12

aww, glad to see the masses coming together for a common purpose, other than world domination. ;p Keep it comin man! pssssst, big fan of your industrial!


2011-02-25 10:46:13

Awesome man, good to hear you're back. Looking forward to new shiznit. :D


2011-03-26 15:19:31

Post some SHIT man!
I can't wait!

PS. I want to hire you for a game project sometime in the future.


2011-03-27 21:08:54

Dude, El you've got some of the nastiest tracks my eardrums have ever had the pleasure of pounding to. Keep making your sweet, sweet ambrosia of sound and I will be forever grateful.


2011-04-08 20:56:53

Fantastic! I don't know what I would've done without my daily dose of awesomeness I come to expect from your music, I was really worried when I saw your post about leaving, but didn't have an email to voice worries to. Anyways, glad you'll be at it for a bit longer!