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EP coming up

Posted by Elfire - May 29th, 2011

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for a new logo, they all look sweet and alot better than my crappy attempt.

The new logo will be featured in the upcoming EP...Oh yes i havnt posted anything in a while as im saving them all up for the EP! Actually getting my ass into gear and doing this properly now. On that note, the stuff ive made so far is the best ive done so far in terms of quality and hopefully in general.

The EP will feature around 4-5 tracks which will all be posted on NG and ill upload a digital download with all the tracks in once its finished.

Exciting shit!

- Elfire


Comments (22)

Sweet man! Really looking forward to it.

Fuckin' sweet, man! Blow the roof off this bitch!

Just so right, i cant wait for more awesomeness!

Keep it up.

Can't wait dude!

Hurry up! i need my fix of ELFIRE!

waiting it,i hope u release it soon

Exciting shit indeed! Upload it to SoundCloud too plz!

PLEASE make another track, ur style is my fav. style!!!!!

Stupid question: do we know when you will come back ??? xD
I can't wait to listen for the new tracks ! :D

Why dont u make any moar!!!! D: Please continue with your music creating! all other songs are boring now, i want your music 'cause its awesome!!!!!

He's just taking his time, don't rush him.But is true that it's taking a hell of alot of time to make 4-5 songs. I don't really care, i can wait. :)

Don't worry, he's not dead, if you check recent medals, the most recent one is on a game created in october, so yay! I can't wait for the EP, elfire's music is godly.

ugh, waiting is hard when your waiting for something epic!

i look forward to it you so fare have to be my favorite music artist on NG keep up the good work and luck to you

Soooo... where's our EP?

Did you die or wut?

I'm still waiting for the EP, you know.

Did he die?

It's been a little over three and a half years now...

shit, first helix6 and then elfire
why are they leaving us like this xD

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